In the last few months, we've been through a period of quarantine, but as it turns as so are many people we been keen to catch up with. After finishing a skatepark we've been stranded on a tiny island called Muli,  located in the Maldives.

Which left us (not the most technically savvy of people) to the mercy of a laptop, a dodgy microphone, a smartphone bouncing in and out of the infamous loop-mode, and a semi-weak connection to the interweb. We are relying on our guests to record their part of the conversations and we (occasionally) get to see each other with a downloaded state of the art video conferencing software.

Our guests are people we admire. People we have met on the way and people who have pursued similar interests to us, a kind of organizational double-gangers if you will. Through this magazine, we wish to shine some light on them, their stories, insights, and missions. Among these people, you will find a Syrian aid worker, a Hungarian board manufacturer, a Kurdish skate mentor, and an Australian globetrotter with a thing for skatepark designing.

The quarantine gave us the time to start this yearly magazine project. We are not journalists or editors but never the less we have completed the first magazine and we sincerely hope you will enjoy it.