Hungary (Budapest)

In August 2019, we constructed Hungary's first real concrete skatepark in the capital of Budapest. The skatepark is located downtown on Erzsébet Square, the largest green area in Budapest's inner city. The project was made possible thanks to the Hungarian Skateboard Federation and the locals who worked alongside us throughout the entire project.

Budapest is home to a productive skate-scene, largely thanks to the Alap and Rios crews with both responsible for several DIY skateparks spread throughout the city. The few government-financed skateparks have previously ended up in the hands of the inexperienced companies with staff who have never ridden a skateboard. The Hungarian skate-scene is a great example of what can be achieved if skateboarders unite and put in the work it takes to make a government understand the importance of skateboarding and skateparks within its country.  And importantly parks designed and constructed by those with an understanding of the specific requirements of skateparks.

Within the next few years, 10 more skateparks will be completed throughout the country with Wonders around the World being responsible for designing and building the next two. Our involvement in these projects will include workshops with locals to provide the know-how and skills to construct the following skateparks on their own. This will push Hungary in the right direction and aspire future successfully designed and constructed skateparks within the country whilst setting an inspiring example for other countries.