Taghazout, Morocco

The south Morrocan fishing village of Taghazout was the perfect place for a community skatepark. With an already thriving surf culture and a growing demand for skateboarding, youngsters could sometimes be seen sharing just one skateboard between ten of them in the central square of the small village. With the new skatepark, and donations of many skateboards from Donate For Skate, there is now an established skateboard-loan program at the park run by the newly formed Taghazout Skatepark Association.
Not only benefiting the youth of Taghazout and surrounding areas, the skatepark attracts visitors from all over that help boost small family businesses and the local economy.
Many volunteers travelled far and wide to help with the construction, and with colaboration from the mayor of Taghazout and other local community leaders the public location overlooking the village and ocean couldn’t have been a more fitting spot for the surf town.
With Make Life Skate Life and sponsorship from Levi’s the skatepark was constructed in just under a month in late November-December 2017. It includes a large variation of bigger ramps, many obstacles and a beginner section for people to build up their skills. The large skatepark allows boys and girls of all ages and backrounds to share the space breaking down social barriers together.