Hulhumale, Maldives

Hulhumale Skatepark is a big international high standard community skatepark on the man made island of Hulhumale, a 20 minute ferry ride from Male, the largest city and the capital of the Maldives.
The skatepark was created with help from the local community. Local community leaders saw the potential of a public skatepark as positive outlet for the youth of the Maldives, providing the space to accommodate passionate young people and the growing demand for skateboarding.
We constructed the skatepark on public ground in less than a month with a big crew of volunteers from all around the world, including some local enthusiasts and a small Bangaldeshi crew.
With no set design and using the budget donated by Red Bull our team incorporated lots of different ideas and opinions together to create the end result, a highly functional world class skatepark.
Entering a project like this with no set plans enables our team to go above and beyond what is normally possible within skatepark construction. Allowing their creative minds free reign, to design and build concrete obstacles making the most of allocated space whilst incorporating local themes.