Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

Our most recent project in collaboration with Make Life Skate Life took place in May 2018 in the city of Sulaymaniyah, Iraq. Suli Skatepark is the first international standard skatepark in the country and the entire region, with a total of 750 square metres. The construction of the skatepark was only possible thanks to the 45 international volunteers that came from 15 different countries and the amazing locals who got involved.

The Kurdish city is one of the most populated in the region, still growing after the Iraq war. The city’s access to educational facilities and culture attracts many motivated young people from all over the region and refugees from neighboring Syria. Therefore this location was ideal for building a skatepark that provides the youth a safe and welcoming place for self-development and fun.

Make Life Skate Life, Skateistan, Decks for Change and The Skateroom, are currently running volunteer-led skate programs at Suli Skatepark every day from 4pm – 8pm with free acces to skateboards for everyone.